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Used Vehicle Inspections include:

Dynamic power balance which checks ignition, fuel mixtures and compression
Pressurize the cooling system
Charging and electrical system
Belts and hoses
Computer processors
Emissions (Bar 90)
Front end steering and suspension
One front and one rear brake are inspected
Rear suspension
Drive train, drive line and drive axles
Transfer case
Undercarriage for previous accident damage
Exhaust system
All accessory check
Road test
Safety and emission recalls (where applicable)

You receive a 2-page inspection form which rates the 250+ components as either OK, marginal or not satisfactory.  For those items that are not satisfactory, you will be advised that the repairs may cost:  Under $250, Over $250 or over $500.


Inspection check list

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Contingency Statement

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Lease Return Inspections

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