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The Benefits of Oil Analysis

Engine oil analysis can tell what is happening internally and can detect the following:
Water or Antifreeze which may have entered as a result of a leaking head gasket, or a crack in the cylinder head or engine block.

Fuel Dilution which detects unburned fuel present in oil, due to a bleeding or defective carburetor, poor combustion or overnight leak down.

Additives which could have been deliberately put into the crankcase oil to cover up engine problems.
Wear Materials which are measured in parts per million can give early warning that a piston rod bearing or crankcase main bearing is starting to fail, or that piston rings are wearing abnormallyagainst the cylinder wall or some type of metal failure is taking place inside the engine.

Silicon (Dirt) can be detected if abnormal amounts are contaminating the engine, or if the engine has had infrequent oil changes or lack of periodic maintenance.

Oil Viscosity (How thick the oil is) if too thick or too thin will not properly lubricate the moving parts inside the engine.

Testing of Engine oil can often give an early warning of an eventual engine failure.

Transmission oil analysis can tell what is happening inside the automatic transmission and can detect the following:

Wear Materials such as iron, copper, aluminum, chromium in abnormal amounts can give warning of a premature transmission failure in most cases.

Silicon, when present, indicates clutch disk pack linings are wearing at an accelerated rate or the presence of an abnormal amount of dirt.

Water or Antifreeze when present indicates the existence of an internal leak between the radiator coolant and the transmission cooler which if not detected can be very destructive.

Testing of Transmission oil can often give an early warning of a probable transmission failure.

Oil samples delivered to Titan Laboratories located at 1380 Zuni (very close to I-25 and 8th Ave.) before 9:00 am will be analyzed by 3:30pm the same day or next business day. Verbal results are available by phone between 3:30 and 4:00 pm only.

Test results will be mailed, faxed or e-mailed within 5 working days.

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