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Auto M.D.'s provides the best value for your inspection dollar. You get knowledgeable, friendly technicians that have your best interests in mind and aren't trying to up sell services to you!!

Used vehicle inspections start at $139.00 for a 2-wheel drive vehicle with less than 100,000 miles. If you are considering a 4x4,AWD or a higher mileage vehicle add $25.00 each. Other charges may apply to particular vehicles, so call 303-758-0909 for an EXACT quote.

Specific Diagnosis inspections include a $56.00 service call and set-up fee. Diagnostic labor is billed at $22.00 per 1/4 hour or $ 88.00 per hour. Our techs will not charge you for more time than is necessary to accurately determine what you need!

Lease Return Inspection fee is $105.00 including oil analysis.

Oil Analysis:

We offer two methods and three payment options for oil analysis testing.

1. Our techs collect and deliver the samples - $40.00 per sample.

2. Our techs collect the samples and you deliver them to the lab - $ 25.00 per sample.

Special: Two samples from one vehicle for $ 65.00. SAVE $ 15.00


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