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Used Vehicle Inspections

Used vehicle inspections include but are not limited to:
Dynamic Power Balance; Cooling system pressure test; Battery, alternator, starter; Belts and hoses; Tailpipe emissions check; Steering; Suspension (front and rear); Brake wear inspection; Drive train, Drive line, Drive axles; Differentials; Transmission; Transfer case; Exhaust system; Computer systems: Collision damage; Accessories check and Road Test evaluation. Additional tests may be performed by the technician if an area of concern is uncovered. We also check for prior collision damage and paint work.

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Boroscope Examinations
A boroscope allows the technician to see the inside of a cylinder including the piston, cylinder walls and valves. Can be used to verify head gasket failures, bent valves, sludge accumulation and other serious problems.
Oil Analysis
Oil analysis can determine internal wear to cylinder walls, pistons, crankshafts, camshafts, bearings or other internal parts BEFORE symptoms are evident!
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