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Lease Return Inspections                            

  • Protect yourself!
  • Prove your maintenance routine!
  • Don't get charged for damages after you return the vehicle!


Have you heard about people that returned their leased vehicle to the authorized dealer on the required date and then later received a bill for damages?

What happens to your leased vehicle after you return it?
Typically you clean out your stuff, wash the car and take it to the dealer. The dealer gives you a receipt for the car and parks it in the storage lot. The leasing company is contacted by either you or the dealer and arrangements are made with an auction to pick-up the car. How long does this take? It varies, it might be a couple of days, it might be 6 weeks. Now let's envision what could happen while the vehicle sits on the dealer's lot...door dings, bumpers dented and scratched by careless lot attendants, the occasional hailstorm, windows broken by vandals. Six months later you get a bill from your leasing company for repairs!! DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU!! The dealer doesn't care about your's not theirs!
Let Auto M.D.'s document the condition of your vehicle BEFORE you return it! Our inspection documents the exterior and interior condition and the internal condition of the engine and transmission. You have digital, dated pictures, oil analysis documentation and a written report.
This report along with your drop-off receipt state that the damages you are being charged for occurred AFTER the vehicle was out of your care, custody and control.

Call 303-758-0909 and schedule our Lease Return Inspection before you turn the vehicle in!!!

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Lease Return Inspections

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