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We offer used car pre-purchase inspections, specific diagnostic inspections, lease return inspections, failure analysis and more... If you aren't sure we can help us!

Used Vehicle Inspection
Used vehicle inspections should be done BEFORE you spend your money! If needed, print our Contingency Form, and have it signed / notarized to protect yourself. Then schedule an appointment to have the vehicle thoroughly examined.

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Lease Return Inspections

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Specific Diagnosis
Are you a Do-It-Yourselfer? Are you nervous about what that noise might be? Are you wondering if the shop told you the truth? Then you need our Specific Diagnosis service. We can diagnose a multitude of problems at an economical rate...usually much lower than shop rates. Plus you get to talk to the technician...try doing that at your dealership!
Lease Return Inspection
Do you know what happens when you turn your leased vehicle back to the dealer? They typically put the vehicle out in the back of the storage lot and wait for the leasing company to pick it up and prepare it for sale at auction. Are you near the end of your lease term and ready to turn that vehicle in? Want to protect yourself? Our Lease Return Inspection gives you digital photos of the interior and exterior, written documentation of any damages to the vehicle and laboratory analysis of the internal engine and transmission condition. (automatic transmissions only).
Oil Analysis
Oil Analysis can be done independently or in conjunction with any of our other inspections. Our technicians will collect, deliver and interpret lab tests of your vehicles vital fluids. It's like blood testing for your car! To see the benefits of oil here.
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