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Steps for getting your vehicle repaired correctly the first time

 Steps for getting your car repaired correctly and
economically the first time:
1.    Get referrals from satisfied customers, friends, neighbors and co-workers.
2.    Locate an A.S.E.* certified (or equivalent) technician.
3.    Make appointment with shop foreman or technician, allowing enough time to:
        a.    Describe all symptoms and previous related repairs.
        b.    Go with technician or foreman on road test to reproduce symptoms. (if you can't reproduce the problem,
               go to the location where it occurs, or bring back the vehicle when the problem is evident)
        c.    Be willing to pay for diagnostic time.
        d.    Don't send your vehicle with someone else unfamiliar with the problem.
        e.    Make yourself available by phone so the shop can discuss the problem with you.
4.    Get a written estimate before authorizing repairs, and what work carries a warranty.
5.    Call 2 or 3 other shops for approximate prices on the same repairs.  Ask what guarantees are provided on
       parts and labor.
6.    When contracting the repair work:
        a.    Ask for all parts replaced (if warranty work, parts should be available for examination).
        b.    Don't pressure work to be finished in haste.
7.    After repairs, attempt to reproduce the problem.  If it still exists, immediately return the vehicle and/or notify in
       writing.  A new repair ticket must be written up for any subsequent rechecks of repairs (to establish a bona fide history).
8.    If repair work is satisfactory, tell the repair facility and request same technician for any subsequent repairs
       whenever possible.

* A.S.E. Master Technicians are voluntarily certified every five years through a series of comprehensive tests in eight automotive specialty areas that are updated with changes in technology.


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